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Eight advantages of Foshan City Fontana Gardens drinks Food Co. products
1 quality assurance:
"Fontana Gardens" series of products by national senior nutritionist carefully modulated, the company has GMP purification production workshop, fully automated production equipment to ensure product quality long-term reliable and stable, the German company to introduce imported beverage production line, is set in R & D, production and sales in one of the fast moving consumer goods companies. Each bottle of beverage are the most advanced testing equipment testing after passing the factory.
2 brand advantage:
Foshan Fontana Gardens beverage and Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, the company is located in Sanshui District, Foshan City, "China (Sanshui) international waters in the food and beverage base. The company mainly produces: cocktail, protein drinks, carbonated drinks, tea drinks, beverage plants, functional beverages, electrolyte drinks and a series of products.
3 corporate culture:
Companies adhering to the "integrity, people-oriented" concept of development, to the market as a leader, to products as the main, in good faith as a fundamental business philosophy, with superb level of science and technology, perfect quality assurance system and first-class after-sales service, strive to provide for the customer supreme service and first-class products!
4 Marketing team:
The company has a professional marketing services team, help dealers to sell products, let the dealer worry about.
5 Market risk:
Through a strict market control system, the company has a loose return and exchange system for unsold products in the market to reduce the loss of our partners.
6 strong company strength support:
The large size of the company, strong economic strength, strong technical team, to ensure that the company and partners have long-term business and long-term yields continued.
7 no threshold:
The company of the regional distributors have no deposit, management fees and other barriers.
Foshan City Garden drinks Food Co. products to ensure that all three major dealers:
1, quality assurance: outstanding effect, will become the new darling of the market Chinese beverage.
2, profit guarantee: to maximize the profit of the dealer.
3, service guarantee: the product, price, channel, promotion, dissemination, after-sales service, such as tracking the full range of services.
Foshan Verde beverage and food company limited support to all six dealers:
1 tasting, gift material support;
2 bar code, Duitou display, promotion and market development of market support costs;
3 return system to ensure that your business without risk;
4 assist sales support;
5.At the end of 6 high rebate, let you profit the icing on the cake;
6 support door signs, body advertising and other production costs

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